How much quota you will spend if you watch TV series, movies and videos?

To answer the question with sample, a package of 20 GB (20480 megabytes) quota will be over in 50 hours with approximately 480p streaming video. In addition to consider other internet usages like cheking your e-mail, surfing on Facebook etc. we can say that a 20 GB quota will end after watching around 40-45 hours.

In case of packages bounded to quota (non-limitless) , there may be an interruption in internet service or additional charges according to your agreement on contract.

For this reason, you should take care to choose the quota that is suitable for your usage.

How much quota can online computer game consume?

Those people who use the internet to play online games can spend approximately how many Megabytes the game consumes per hour and how many hours it is played. Each game spends MB as data at a different rate per hour, depending on the graphics quality. You can find this information from the forums about the games you play. Once you realize how much MB the game spends per hour, you will be able to calculate how many hours you can play per day.

Apart from playing games, you should also calculate other internet usages lie watching videos, browsing web pages and social media applications by you or other users. If you are making high intensive use of data such as playing games with long hours and watching long durations videos streaming, you can use the internet with higher bandwidth by choosing high speed and high quota limited packages.

For instance, if you are playing a game consuming 100 MB of data in an hour:

  • 1000 MB of data will be over if you play 10 hours a day. This corresponds to approximately 1 GB of daily spending.
  • It shows that around 30 GB of data will be spent on the game in a month.

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