Speed and Quota in Internet Selection

As the internet have started to become widespread throughout the world, the process of having the internet and the points are considered to get complicated. We have prepared this short guide to assist you on which type of internet you will select?

  • Speed – Mbps: With a connection of around 9 Mbps, you can watch 480p videos without archiving.
  • Quota – Gb: You can watch 50 hours of video with a 20 Gb quota. Fair Use Quota - Gb: After reaching the end of your quota, your connection speed will decrease.

What are Megabit, Megabyte and Mbps and How Does It Affect The Connection Speed?

Megabit and mbps are one of the most distinctive variables, along with fair usage quota of different tariffs in internet subscription plans. Generally people are confused between megabits, megabytes and mbps, and can not compare them in a correct way and can not choose the most suitable internet tariff to use it. So we have listed these terms meaning for people to let them understand in a best way.

What Does Megabit and Megabyte Mean?

Megabit (Mb): 1 Megabit is an information transfer unit corresponding to 1024 kilobits (Kb) or about 1 million bits. Bits are the smallest data unit that can be found in two states (0/1), which creates and defines the information (series, movies, games, writing, programs) staying in electronic devices which we use it for its status and relationships with other bits. Due to the bits reaching your computer over your internet connection, you can watch television series on the internet or the websites you surf on it.

Megabyte (MB): It is a data unit generally expressing the file size. It consists of 1 byte, 8 bits, and 1024 kilobytes (KB). For this reason, we say 1 Megabyte (MB) = 8 Megabits (Mb) = 128 Kilobytes (KB).

Mbps: This term called “megabit per second“, refers to the number of megabits downloaded in 1 second. When measuring the internet speed, you will see that being expressed in megabits (Mb). It can be measured the data downloaded as MB with your connection speed being converted from megabits (Mb) to Megabyte (MB).


  • With 1 Mbps internet speed, 1 Mb = 1/8 MB = 128 Kilobytes per second
  • With 2 Mbps internet speed, 2 Mb = 1/4 MB = 256 Kilobytes
  • With 4 Mbps internet speed, 4 Mb = 1/2 MB = 512 Kilobytes per second
  • With 8 Mbps internet speed, 8 Mb = 1 Megabyte per second
  • With 16 Mbps internet speed, 16 Mb = 2 Megabyte per second

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