What do the results of the Internet Speed Test mean?

Download Speed, in Megabits per second (Mbps)

The download speed measured in Mega Bit Per Second (Mbps) unit is basically the most important value to be considered in situations in which the internet speed is considered to be low. This number usually used by Internet companies to offer users while selling. Download Speed, which is the most essential indicator while determining the speed of a line, shows how fast your device speed to pull data from the internet. Generally, internet connections are offered at a much higher speed than download. Internet download speed is effective for most activities such as surfing the internet and watching online videos on YouTube etc. The higher this number, the better your internet speed.

Upload Speed, in Megabits per second (Mbps)

The opposite operation for download speed is the Upload value. If you do not want to download anything from the internet or a program, you should look at the Upload Speed value. Generally, Upload speed is measured to be much lower than Download speed. On the same way, the higher the value, the faster and better it means.

Jitter Value (Delay), in milliseconds (Ms)

The jitter value, also called Packed Delay Variation (PDV), is better if the value is low like delay. If this value, measured in milliseconds, is high, it means that your connection is not elastic, and in such cases like video calls, it is more likely that your internet will be interrupted or disconnected.

Ping in milliseconds (Ms)

The higher value, the worse. You can measure performance with ping value in ultimate while playing video game. In such cases where the download or upload values are not very important, you can realize and aware of the internet speed by looking at Ping. If this value, which shows how sensitive your internet connection is, is 100 and above, you may not get enough efficiency in some applications on Internet.

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