What internet speed is required for popular applications?

Your daily activities on the internet are affected by your internet connection speed. How fast a page is opened in the browser or downloading a file or watching a movie online is related to perform all these activities in smooth and without being stuck, you are supposed to determine the internet speed that suits you.

Ideal internet speed values for all online activities

We have listed the internet speed figures which vary on applications you use for it on the internet. Accordingly, discover which internet speed values are suitable for you in different products such as applications and video games.

ActivityRecommended Speed
Movies with Netflix – the speed to watch TV showsRecommended minimum value: 1.5 Mbps Download Speed
Recommended minimum value for HD (720p quality): 5.0 Mbps download
Internet speed required to watch Youtube without being stuckRecommended minimum value: 0.5 Mbps Download Speed
Different image qualities such as 480p, 720p, or 1080p will require different internet speeds. Although 480p is sufficient for most devices, you can reach better quality 720p or 1080p values with a faster internet. Increase this value gradually on Youtube, you can keep it at the highest value you can watch without getting stuck and you can choose the same value in the next videos.
For online video games (CS: GO, PUBG etc.)Maximum recommended value: Must be low (Ping value less than 100 milliseconds recommended)
Download and upload speed values are not important here for games. Ping shows how sensitive your connection is and according to this figure, the lower the Ping value when playing video games, the better the gaming experience.
The speed required for SkypeVoice calls: 0.1 Mbps download / 0.1 Mbps upload
Video calls: 0.5 Mbps download / 0.5 Mbps upload
HD video calls: 1.5 Mbps download / 1.5 Mbps upload
The speed required for SpotifyRecommended minimum download value: 0.15 Mbp

What should your internet speed be for popular applications?

Your ADSL or Fiber connection speed will totally affect the downloading times and performances. We have listed the minimum internet speed values which arerequired for a smooth and comfortable user experience in mostly used applications:

Product / ApplicationInternet SpeedDownloading an Internet page (250Kb)An HD film (average 4GB)20 quantitfy of 8 Megapixel photos (average 500 MB)
ADSLUp to 2 Mbit/s1 second4 hours 45 minutes33 minutes 30 seconds
ADSL2+Up to 24 Mbit/s0.1 second22 minutes3 minutes
VDSLUp to 50 Mbit/s< 0.1 second11 minutes1 minute 30 seconds
FiberUp to 500 Mbit/s< 0.1 second1 minute 10 seconds8 seconds

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