What is internet speed and why internet speed is important?

Do you think that your internet speed is quite slow? Or do you think that you are not able to get the enough speed you bought from your ADSL and Fiber internet package? Or are you curious about your internet package speed? You can use our free speed test tool below to figure out what your really speed is. You will be able to understand what the speed test numbers really mean and what you can do for it to improve the performance.

Check you ADSL or Fiber Internet Speed!

  • Stop all of your downloads
  • Close all the tabs except the window you test your internet speed.
  • Exit all the programs performing in the background or turn them to sleep mode.

What is Internet Speed tested for?

While buying internet tariffs, internet companies are requested to serving you to a speed they specified. You should aware of the fact that companies do not give exact number of megabits of internet speed. Besides, they make trick that your speed may reach up to the maximum megabits. For instance, they say that your speed may reach up to 100 megabit, but you will never reach that top number. Your actual speed may walk into 10-20 megabits. In this case, this value indicates what the maximum speed you can reach.

After testing your speed with our Speed Test tools, if you are actually getting a lower speed than your contract, you need to check for any malfunctions.

If you still have problems after checking and resetting the modem cables, we suggest you to contact your company in which you purchased the internet service. By contacting them, you can create a support ticket showing the log so that your internet speed does not seem that it should be.

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