Which factors will affect the internet connection speed?

In cases where your internet speed is lower than it should be, the following problems below or malfunctions may have occurred:

  • Signals interference because of the switch and device being too far apart
  • Much more users try to connect modem at the same time
  • Unable to reach full capacity because of a problem with your internet company’s activity
  • The distance of the connection cables that comes to your building from the internet company lines on the road.

What needs to be done to improve internet connection speed?

Resetting the modem

Sometimes the modem you reset can solve many problems. In order to reset the modem, you must first turn off the device which uses the button on the device and turn it back on after 30 seconds. If you are not sure to turn off the device, you can unplug the modem’s adapter cable, wait 30 seconds, and plug it in again. After the device become reset, it may take some time before the internet connection is re-established. You should follow if there is an internet connection from the warning lights on the modem. If you have an Internet, the Internet light on your modem is solid green.

Connecting to Fiber Cable instead of WIFI

In order to avoid any loss during data flow, you should try to connect to the internet by the help of an ethernet cable, which we can compare to a larger fixed telephone cable in your modem, instead of connecting to Wi-Fi. As we mentioned above, the best method to utilize a full internet speed for you is to get the connection with an ethernet cable.

Upgrading Internet Package

Maybe your existing internet package is not able to cover the load for your work stuffs. In this case, you should get information about your existing package and upgrade to a higher package by calling your current internet provider. With the consistently updated campaigns of the companies, you can switch to a faster package, perhaps at higher prices.

Changing Internet Service Provider

If you believe that you have tried all of the methods and not get any result to solve your internet speed issue and if you wish, you can check if there are faster packages at similar prices or even relatively higher prices in different companies to change the internet service provider.

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